• Paint AI

    An Artificial Intelligence That's A Painter

  • Paint AI is free and you'll get

    • Turn photos into unique art
    • Share instantly on Instagram and social media
    • Get wall size paintings printed
    • Transform videos into motion paintings

    Get in now! Available soon for iOS, Android and BB10.

  • Artificial Intelligence Painting Art

    Turning any photograph into a beautiful Picasso painting


    Point and shoot

    Upload any photo you've taken and select a style for our PaintAI to use.

    AI Painting

    The magic happens

    Our patent-pending artificial intelligence will now draw a brand new painting for you.

    Share or Save

    Your own piece of art

    With just a click you can share your new painting to the world or save it as JPG.

  • 80,362 paintings drawn and counting!

    Everyday, thousands of creative people upload their work.

    PaintAI has created incredible pieces of art from them.

    We've put together a supergroup of creators who share their PaintAI art here.

  • Videos

    Videos up to 5 seconds of length can be uploaded and painted for free through our PaintAI app.


    PaintAI can also process videos of any length. Purchase the video length below to get started. PaintAI will go to work right after your video was uploaded.

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